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We are very excited to announce that we have bought a printer cartridge recycling company and now can recycle your printer cartridges.
We are able to collect your cartidges and recycle them. We are doing this in order to save our environment. We will not refill these cartridges-that is done professionally overseas.
All profits from from this initiative will be donated to a worthy cause which will be working to save the environment.
 So your cartridge will have a double impact:
You recycle your cartrides & We donate to a worthy cause - A WIN - WIN situation!
The process is simple.
- Phone, fax or email us your stationery order and ask us to collect your cartridges.
- With the delivery, we will collect your cartridges.
- We will then sell these cartridges and donate the profits to charity.
TEL: 021 530 4100 FAX: 021 530 4190/1/2 EMAIL:

Why is it important to Go Green?


For over the past 200 years, the burning of fossil fuels, such as coal and oil, and deforestation have caused the concentrations of heat-trapping "greenhouse gases" to increase significantly in our atmosphere. These gases prevent heat from escaping to space, somewhat like the glass panels of a greenhouse.


Scientists have observed that some changes are already occurring. Observed effects include sea level rise, shrinking glaciers, changes in the range and distribution of plants and animals, trees blooming earlier, lengthening of growing seasons, ice on rivers and lakes freezing later and breaking up earlier, and thawing of permafrost. Another key issue being studied is how societies and the Earth's environment will adapt to or cope with climate change.


Longer, more intense and frequent heat waves may cause more heat-related death and illness.
There is virtual certainty of declining air quality in cities since greater heat can also worsen air pollution such as ozone or smog.

Insect-borne illnesses are also likely to increase as many insect ranges expand. Climate change health effects are especially serious for the very young, very old, or for those with heart and respiratory problems. Conversely, warmer winter temperatures may reduce the negative health impacts from cold weather.


Rising temperatures will intensify the Earth's water cycle. Increased evaporation will make more water available in the air for storms, but contribute to drying over some land areas. As a result, storm-affected areas are likely to experience increases in precipitation and increased risk of flooding. But areas located far away from storm tracks are likely to experience less precipitation and increased risk of drought.


In the U.S., warming is expected to cause a northward shift in storm tracks, resulting in decreases in precipitation in areas such as the Southwest U.S. but increases in many areas to the north and east. However, these changes will vary by season and depend on weather fluctuations.


How do I choose Go Green Products?

Various factors to consider when choosing eco-friendly products:

  • The lighter a product is the fewer raw materials are used to produce it.
  • The longer a consumer can use this product the less he has to buy a new one, so the fewer raw materials are used.

  • Local manufacturing shortens the supply chain for products, resulting in less transportation fuel and less environmental impact.The longer you can use a product the better it is for the environment.
  • Recycled products use fewer raw materials from non-renewable sources:
  • Recycled plastic for the writing instruments and recycled paper for paper based accessories
 Some Key Issues to know about:
 Pre-Consumer Waste  Post-Consumer Waste:  FSC:
This is waste which manufacturers would throw away in the course of the manufacture of the product. This is waste that the end user throws away. This product would end up in a land fill site. The Forestry Stewardship Council is an independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world's forests.

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